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Good Morning Secret Sister Family!

Hope you get to scrap today Deb! Are you scrapping something new or finishing up on a previous page?

Just got back from Las Vegas from a trade show so I have a short day at work today! I'm actually talking my 2 daughters
(Alexandria age 5 and Alyson age 3) to San Antonio Texas tomorrow morning. We are going to go surprise my mom for her birthday. She use to live in San Francisco which is about a hour and a half from us. We use to see her every other weekend but since she has moved we haven't seen her since July!! I haven't even told the girls yet because I didn't want them to tell grandma on the phone. I will tell them today when I pick them up from school! Anyone one want anything from San Antonio while I'm there?? Please PM me if you have a request! Seriously too!!! I don't mind at all

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