Username Post: Why is it so hard to find travel stuff?
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I don't have trouble finding generalized travel stuff - for specific locations, yeah, it's a pain, but so much of what I scrap are topics they don't make decent scrapping stuff for anyway (pet rabbits, video games, anime conventions, etc.) that I'm pretty used to having to just make do and come up with stuff to match my subject matter on my own, whether by paper-piecing or altering existing embellishments or using something from an unrelated set that happens to work for what I need.

Edit: Buh? I did NOT choose any products to link with this post and in fact most of the rabbit products it linked are exactly what I mean when I say I generally have to make do and come up with my own rabbit embellishments - I make a point to NOT purchase explicitly Easter-themed products to get my rabbits and I generally don't go in for cartoony rabbits.

And the video game embellishments it automatically linked to are part of a trend of a very youth-oriented (child and teenage boy), very male-oriented, and generally artistically-unrealistic mindset when it comes to video game scrapping products. Which is why I make my own - I made myself a lovely template for a three-dimensional PlayStation controller that uses brads for the face buttons and sticks, and I've used that many times. I also made a great classic Game Boy one time.

And I don't even know why it linked those We R Memory Keepers stickers...

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