Username Post: Anyone working on anything this weekend??
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I am still here. Last night I got my cards all cut, scored & folded. YEAH I also found Peg those census sheets for her old house pic layout. I also found another of her family members on who had wedding & other pics of that same couple. She didn't have them.
I had planned this weekend to work on my Christmas cards, doing some genealogy. I met 4 cousins on that I did not know. I knew their Aunts or Mothers years ago. We email & work on genealogy all the time. WE send photos & other family papers to ea other. We also have great fun trying to id some of them that are unmarked.
I will be working on that for a few hours & then I will switch back to my cards for a break. lol
my dd just invited us for dinner tonight at 8. She is a great cook. lol

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