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LOL, I told you, Kory,,,,,,,the cinch comes in BLUE,,,,,,

so does the BIA, but the blue BIA is version 1,,,,not nearly as good as version2

The "blue" Bind It All is the original version and it was discontinued. There are 3 main differences between version 2.0 (pink) and version 1.0 (blue), most significant in my opinion is the 50% larger slot to allow punching of thicker materials. Unless you are regular punching wood or particle board, you can use the V1.0 with no issues. I still have my original V1.0 I bought 5 years ago.

As far as being unbiased, really no one is. Whoever is buying the machine has to make the decision based on their preferences. For me, the Bind It All offers more:

smaller footprint on the tabletop
bag to transport
rectangular holes that are forgiving if I make a mistake or need to shimmy things around
easy to apply formula for punching holes
allows me to punch pages AFTER they are decorated with bulky items on both sides (Cinch does not allow this)
Always has a 2:1 pitch on holes so any industry standard o-wire will fit (Cinch has a slightly smaller pitch so longer bindings are imperfect)
tool itself is manufactured by a company who has been making binding machines for 40 years
all metal inner workings
half the price of other machines
loads of videos and inspiration available online
and so much more

Hope that helps in making your decision

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