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Was wondering if I NEED a smash book. I thought I'd use it like a journal, too. Then I realized I have no time and no ideas. But the smash books are really full of possibilities. Bought one and a bunch of stuff for a friend.

Kory, I'm like you...I just need it because it's on sale. I was just telling someone that I bought two Tim Holtz dies because they were $5 each. I don't have a die cutting machine. Seriously, I need an intervention.

LOL. Well now you'll have to buy a die cutter to go with them otherwise they will be a waste of money.

I'm the same as you guys, love all the gadgets. I was lying in bed mulling over my next purchases and have decided that I want the MS scoring board. I've only ever made one card!

BTW, got the cinch and gypsy for christmas. Haven't used the cinch yet, but the gypsy is awesome.

Glad I'm not the only one. I have the MS scoring board. I don't make cards but it was on sale for $10 so I had to get it.

I see many people making their own smash books. See if you can find some videos on youtube.

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