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Glad to help and also glad you found inspiration.

The forums are here to talk about scrapping so feel free to ask away any ole time. There are many ideas and ways to do things and each and every one of them is the "right" way. No single way is correct or better than another. I like that has provided us with ths avenue to explore different ideas and thoughts, it just makes the craft so much more enjoyable and enriched.

Teresa, that's a very nice album you created!

I am goning to include "kitchen" LOs in our family album and include the recipes we use as a way to preserve our family's culinary point of view. We have two trained chefs (my DD and DSIL) and I have learned a lot from them. These will be 12X12 LOs and NOT used for cooking. The other albums I've made were made for use.

Good luck and have fun!

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