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get a good size pad of Versamark, this is kinda like a glue to hold the embossing powder in place. You can stamp basically any stamp with the Versamark but you could also use a q-tip to make like tiny dots or smears. Just dip your q-tip onto the versamark pad and then on the area where you'd want the embossing done. Once you done stamping, pour the embossing powder onto the stamped areas. DO NOT rub the excessive powder on the stamp off with your fingers. It'll ruin the image. You can gently tap on the wrong side above a blank paper to get the excessive powder off. Then use the Heat tool. Am sure shops like Jo-Ann's Fabrics, Michael's, Walmart or any other shop that sells craft stuff, have heat tools. Most work the same, but some take quicker to get hot. I have a Dutch store brand Heat tool and it works like a charm. As for the embossing powders, you have the very fine powder and the bigger grain kind. It all depends what end result you want but also how thick you want it. For detailed images, the fine powder ones are best. There are different brands out there. Again I have the Dutch brand and am pleased with it. I also had a different brand that didnt melt at all. The Ranger brand is good and great for distressing. Me fave colours are white, black, bronze, gold, silver, glitter white (great for winter frost), Clear and pastel pink. There are different ways to use this and there are great vids on You Tube. Also tutorals...

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