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I was just looking around my house last night for something to keep all of my SmashStuff together- I found a not too small, but not average size khaki colored backpack that I think I got as a free gift for buying a pair of jeans. I has little pockets and penholders- I didn't think too much of it, tho- until reading your post! Now, I think that what I found was what I was looking for!

And I agree with your Smashbook love- I love mine! I got the black one! Black is one of my favorite colors- but not in the way I liked it as a moody teenager who thought he was too cool. And the papers inside are great- I keep checking out a few of the others, wanting more when I've not even filled my first. They are fun. And, like you said, freeing. You just DO it.

thanks for your blog post!


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