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Chell Rae

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Greetings from the great snow land. Don't laugh at us Pacific Northwesterners, the snow is terrible in a city with lots of hills. The roads were very nasty and my building closed for 3 days...thankfully. I walked to the bus stop on Thursday and almost fell over a dozen times and saw the few cars on the road sliding around. Scary.

We are warming up a bit and not the great run off will we just had a wind storm so I am sure there are a ton of broken trees (they were covered in snow and ice and sagging). I am sure it will business as usual by Monday.

Meanwhile my sister from Alaska arrived on Friday and was laughing at our news about the snow. Snow and ice is a daily winter experience for her. We will be watching the games tomorrow and, sorry Sharon, NOT rooting for the Giants NOR the Patriots. I am rooting for SF because they are in my conference and then Baltimore. Just sayin'

Have a great weekend and week...stay safe, healthy and warm

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