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This is a swap for the Spellbinders Die Cuts that we all know and love!! I've been wanting to do this for a while, but didn't know the best way to set it up. So I did some research, and found on another forum how they set it up, and it seemed to work well. So I am going to follow their lead, and we'll see how this turns out!!

So here's how it will work. I'm hoping to get about 10-15 people to sign up.(I may split this up into groups, depending on what everyone thinks, and how many people sign up.)

**Sign ups will CLOSE February 14th. NOW CLOSED. Groups filled early.

Each person will say what die they have, and will be submitting for the swap. Once that die is spoken for (for submitting purposes), then no one else can sign up to submit that particular die. (just so we don't get lots of duplicates.)

For each die you sign up for, you will need to cut THREE dies, of each size in the pack, PER person in the group. Each die needs to be cut on quality WHITE cardstock, so that way it can be stamped on, inked, or covered with paper.

The due date will be March 16th (in my hands), to allow plenty of time for cutting.

When you're ready to mail, please put your dies in a ziploc bag with your name,, and name of the die. Include the same amount of postage it took to send in, plus TWO extra stamps, just to be on the safe side. All extra postage will be returned.
Please use a quality envelope, so it can be re-used. If you don't want to get a quality envelope, include a return envelope.

Please mail to:
Jessica Burnell
2643 E 95th N
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Group #1
1.hostess- Nested pennant die
2.3minischnauzers-label #2
3.NMscrapper- bird flourishes
4.CorrieW-Lacey Circles
5.ladylockwd-parisian motifs
6.Squirmysmom-Fleur de leis squares

Group #2
1.3minischnauzers-butterfly circles
2.CorrieW- flying beauties
3.ladylockwd-Donna Salazar Rose Collection
4.NM scrapper- Bird Sanctuary
5.bluuecaca-Frame Die
6.laura.ohio-small deckled mega rectangles

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