Username Post: Help with SIMPLE scrapbooks for a newbie!
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Probably the simplest of all would be to use page protectors like the ones I've linked below. Not much work involved, just fill 'em up. You could intersperse these with more crafty pages containing the journalling, drawings, etc., so you can keep it all in chronological order. And they don't have to be very crafty at all - if you just want to glue them down to a pretty sheet of paper and move on, by all means do so.

I LOVE this idea! Why have I not seen these before at the craft store?? I was probably too dazed from the aisles and aisles of paper and stickers! I'm going to investigate further...

  • stick Said:
Whether you do separate books for each child or combine them as family books is up to you. Do you want to hold on to them so you can enjoy them throughout your life, or do you intend to give the books to the children when they graduate from college or get married or something like that?

Huh, I hadn't thought of it like that before. My immediate thought is: Both! I'd love to hang onto them for life, but I bet my kids will want to take something with them when they move on too. Eek! Is there a solution that can work for both?

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