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6yr old boy/girl twins here.....
+ 4 older boys.

I have 1 book for all the kids. Seperated by year. Specific LO's with just them, the bigger kids and their activities etc....

Copying the LO's to take with them is a cheap and easy option.

Id drive myself nuts trying to scrap each one seperately and the big kids. I scrap our lives, all of it together. They can figure out what they want copies of when Im dead.

No regrets.

I have a friend with 4yr old twins and an older child. She does seperate books for all, its time consuming, slow and repetitive....according to her.

THANK YOU for your story and your friend's. I think I need permission to do it all together. I know there will be special things specific to each and maybe I will scrap that as a dedicated LO but in the same family book. Maybe their first year book individually but after that collectively by the year.

You are right, they can copy for their own books, if they choose down the road.

Everyone else with twins....still interested in hearing from you!!


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