Username Post: PayDay-Friday!
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Whoa, GIGI! Way to GO!

You put me to shame!!

I did manage to talk two friends into hittin up a JoAnn after work- I had a ten dollar gift card, left over from the free ones they gave out at the grand opening. My friend's friend gVe me her's that day, when she couldn't find anything there that she wanted, lol. AND they had the Spellbinders octagon die set on sale for 14.97! Whooooo, I been aching for that one- and I didn't even know they had it! So octagon party tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I'm also going back to the rubber stamping and art store here, that I went to for the first time last week, to pic up another few cool things.

I hope to do that pretty early tomorrow, and I'm gonna be making things all day long. Feel free to stop by, y'all! lol


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