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Calling it 'PayDay Friday' is just something fun I decided to title a shopping trip a few weeks/months ago- and cuz it rhymed in a fun way to say way, it stuck and I've kept saying it- I am not living paycheck to paycheck. I also don't wait until my payday to buy something. I also don't have to wait until my payday to buy something.

I really believed my post to be all in fun- I certainly wasn't telling the forum to abandon responsibilities and go into debt to buy up the Bo Bunny.

I certainly didn't imagine that my post would cause any concern or lead for me to discuss my finances.

If I had said, 'ohhh it is payday, I've been living on two dollars a day for a week, now I can go spend all my money on paper!,' then maybe, I would expect it.

I also was NOT saying 'support the economy,' in any way other than just a joke- I didn't mean it as a DEMAND to all- to go buy things.

I have a great job. Sometimes I even have more than one job. Not because I have to, but because I enjoy stage managing plays and since I also get paid when I stage manage, it's a double bonus- fun and more money. I also surprisingly don't spend money as wildly on other things- I've never even had a car payment because I'm happy with my big old truck, and I see no need to spend much more than I could ever spend on scrap supplies, just so I can drive a flashy car.

You can also set your mind to rest about my future. I have savings. I have things set up. I don't think I've really worried about money for nearly twenty years. Yes, I'm old enough to say 'twenty years ago, when I got my first apartment and didn't have money to spend on hobbies.'

So, don't worry about me. I do the math. I do my OWN math.

::::Maybe you do have savings set aside for the important things, and your paycheck is used for bonus items. That's perfectly OK.:::::

That would be okay? I am so glad you've cleared that for me, and I have your approval.

I also hate to say it, but I don't even believe that your 'concern' is genuine. Based on other posts you have made, you seem very unhappy about something and you don't care much to see anyone living too joyfully. I'm sorry for that.


Kory, please don't change a thing. I love reading about your Payday Friday's. Like others have said, you are an inspiration. I love seeing the bargains that you get and I love reading your stories. They always make me giggle.

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