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I don't own this machine (or any version of the Expression) but I found the art quantity/project quantity with a couple minutes of Googling - the first causes the images you've selected to repeat a given number of times, and the second causes your entire project to cut multiple times (presumably on different mats)? Seems pretty straightforward to me. Would this video help? I'm at work and unable to view video so I'm unable to evaluate its usefulness for you:

Layered appears to make each individual layer from an Imagine Art cartridge image cut separately for you to layer yourself, while Composite appears to cut only the final version of the image with all the layers, uh, composited together into one shape.

The descriptions in the manual seem very straightforward to me and I'm not sure how to explain it more simply. Would playing with those options on an Expression 2 help? I'm assuming you have access to one even if you don't own it, since if the class is the first time you'll be using an Expression 2, it wouldn't make sense to have you teach it on your first encounter with it.

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