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You will mail all the cards to me and I swap them out, it saves on postage and no one gets flaked on or gets less cards. Because if the people that signed up don't send their cards, you just get back extra sets that you made for them.

Last round we had total of ten ladies, you had to make 5 per person. so you made 45 cards in like 3 months time. plus make 9 lil goodie bags. You dont have to make cards for yourself unless you want to and you of course don't send yours. We had two ladies that never sent theirs, so everyone got their two sets back that they made for them, but we all got 45 cards in the end. Plus loads of goodie bags and NIP items. The ladies are all great here and we are all at different styles of cards and how we make them.
The ladies are great. I hope we get 12 ladies, but if we only have 9-10 sign up or less, we are good. I am taking sign ups til this coming friday and then I am sending everyone the list of ladies with all the surveys on it.

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