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Holly, is there anyway you could post a picture of one of those envelopes? My poor little mind is not comprehending what you're talking about. Thanks!

Here you go Judy,,,,,sorry, I was busy over the weekend, but I have the pics up now!

plastic envies pic for judy By CommaHolly

plastic envies for Judy By CommaHolly

You would put the postage on the OUTSIDE of the plastic envie (they are approved by USPS for mailing)

I place the card inside the envie, a piece of cs over the card front with the address on it,,,,,,and write HAND CANCEL PLEASE on the envie.

hand cancelling costs an additional 20 cents.

this protects the embellies.

I got the envies on EBAY, pretty cheap,,,,,I buy them in 100 lot bulks.

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