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Okay, so, after almost 4 years of not scrapping (and 2 years before that month-long binge), I cannot find refill blades for my trimmer that was purchased back around y2k.

Well, that's not entirely true - I *did* find them, on eBay, for $7 for a 2pack, not including shipping. Which means I could buy 2 refills for the same as a new trimmer....

So, new trimmer it is!

My preferences include:
-must be 12"
-locally available, but I've got all the major stores here (M's, HL, WM, Joann's, even an LSS)
-refill blades must be readily available and low cost, MOST IMPORTANT
-don't really want to spend much over $20 but will consider something great for $25
-it'd be fun if I could find something that would allow more than just straight cuts (zigzag, scallop, stamp edge, etc), but not a requirement

What's out there these days? Clue me in!

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