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I thought I was the only one to keep buying/using post bound!

Personally, I don't have kids and when I scrap, it is about 1 specific topic/trip/etc. so I like it all in it's neat little album. I will, however, be looking more into buying a three ring album for our camping trips. We go several times a year and it would just be too much to make 1 album for each trip or even 1 album for each year. I am hoping a 3 ring will be able to hold a few years of camping trips. I already have a back log on those photos from 2009......

Is it common to not be able to find 3 rings at stores like Joann's, AC Moore, etc? We don't have many independent LSS, just the chains. Every time I go in, I look for a 3 ring and I can't find any...

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