Username Post: Closed..stop by to join the next one.. SWAP 6 $10+ Stash Swap
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Hi there!

Let me see if I understood the rules correctly. I just want to make sure that if I join I'll follow it to the "T".

-The limit is $10 but I can go over if I want to right?

-The due date is July 13th? Do I need to send to my secret sister before then or there is another date? I'm confused on this part. I also understand that I need to send directly to my secret sister instead of the host right?

-All I have to do to join is PM you my name and addy and the completed survey and then I will receive from you the name and survey from my secret sister?

Also, I know that once I sent my package I need to post it here for tracking purposes with a picture of course and also know that I need to JCI once a week at least. Now a quick question, is this a monthly swap or if I join this month and then can't join for the following can I opt out?

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