Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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  • Vae on 06-04-12 05:40 PM

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Wow, sounds like lots of folks took some fun trips over the long weekend! Can't wait to see some of the LOs that come out of them!

I have not been able to scrap much at all in the past few weeks. On Saturday a friend of mine came over, and I showed her my engagement pages. Each page had one little thing that I still needed to do before they were completely finished. So this morning I made myself finish all of them, and then I took pictures and posted them up here. I wish I'd been able to do some new LOs, but I hope to this upcoming weekend.

Wow, I hope you're right about being able to rearrange the order of our photos! I didn't think to post them in order but it would be nice to be able to change them.

Question - why do people get upset when you post a bunch of pages all at once? I've never heard of this?

Henri Jean, I can't wait to see your shooting range pics! I have been wanting to do a shooting range LO but I have a really hard time getting any decent pictures. I shoot at an indoor range and the light is just horrid, so all my pictures are either really dark or washed out from the flash.

Linda, how are your projects coming along?

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