Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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I needed an image of a ship's wheel and/or anchor for a layout I'm working on and couldn't find one on any of my Cricut carts so decided to check my Slice carts. I have 17 about 24 carts and those little folded books are a pain to get out and check to see what you have or don't have.

And 17 of them were new from when Michae's quit carrying them and 12 of them were in the boxes so I couldn't even get to the little foldout things.

I copied all of them on the back side. Then trimmed it with paper trimmer and put the front of the foldout across the top and the back which was copied under that so each cart and all the images are on one page. The pages are landscape becuase the folders are wide and they work perfectly at 94%.

That took all evening! I have been putting that task off for many many months!

THen I thumbed through my notebook (they are in plastic sheets) and came right to a cartridge with the wheel and the anchor.

Need to cut them out tomorrow and I have about 8 or 10 more pages laid out on white paper with rough arrangement. Just need to fine tune embellies and select patterned paper and cardstock.

Should have that done tomorrow and will then work on about 10 more.

I have Saturday and Sunday to scrap.

Monday there is aan early flight from Jacksonville to Hawaii. I'm really trying to get BIll to wait until mid-July.

We have a cruise from Seattle to Alaska then. I can't see flying to Hawaii and back home - then back to the west coast and on to the Alaska cruise.

If we wait until July we can fly to Hawaii, stay a couple weeks to get our work done, then to Alaska, then wherever else we want to go without going back and forth across the country several times.

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