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I think the Big Shot electric is discontinued too.

I looked at all the videos. If the Vagabond and Big Shot Pro and Big Kick all do the same thing only one has a button, then it seems like a waste for me to pay the double cost ofr the Vagabond.

The Big Shot Pro or Big Kick would be just as good.

This is all excellent info!

The Big Shot is on sale here for $89 here but my girlfriend in Louisiana gave me a $50 gift card for Amazon and they have the same machine on sale new for $59. And I can use my gift card!

This sounds like it will do everything but grand nesties and some of the larger things.

If I find I have to have those - I will save up for a grand Big Shot pro which does everything. Sounds like this is going to do everything I need and will let me see how much I use it.

Now that Holly has enabled me to get all these great nesties, I'm ready to use them!

Going to order. Just got to find that giaft card which could be anywhere!

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