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Sorry to take so long to get back to this but have been out of town.

Yep, the gromlets are WRMK. The instructions for setting them seem ridiculous. I did try punching a hole first which does help get the darned thing where I want it on the page. However, you still have to blindly "set" it upside down and have no idea whether it is perfectly aligned with the upper and lower blocks. I have messed up, and thus wasted, a number of gromlets trying to do this. (Or maybe all those dents count as "distressing!" LOL) I swear I will never buy these little suckers again--and I just bought a bunch of different colors, all a big waste.

If no one has a solution for this, I guess I'll try setting them manually like a regular eyelet. If that doesn't work, I'll try smashing the back side down somehow without distorting the top and then just glue them on with glue dots.

And I do agree "gromlet" is a goofy name for them and feel silly every time I say it.

Thanks to all for trying to help. Spread the word--don't waste your $$ on gromlets!

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