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For this swap let your imagination go wild and create a fantasy work of art. Our theme is all things "ENCHANTED" or magical and/or mystical. Subjects could include: fairies, gnomes,angels, mermaids, mermen, unicorns, wizards, pixies, griffins, lephacuns, pegasus, dragons, the easter bunny, the toothfairy, etc. But please do not include really dark magical creatures as I hope to save those creatures for another swap close to Halloween. (See examples and actual tags for this swap below....)

Here are some perfect examples from the gallery: Yes, we are expecting your work to match the quality of these samples!!

Once upon a springtime tag by Jolaine

Fairy Tag by Photochaser123

Mother and Child Mermaid tag by ILOVePAPILLONS

This swap will be a 5 + 1 tag swap. You will make 5 to mail to me and keep one for yourself.

Tag size...should be either a #8 standard size shipping tag (6 1/4 x 3 1/8) or any shape that is roughly around 5-6".

Tags need to be made of a sturdy material of your choice, preferably chipboard.

This is an elaborate tag swap. All tags MUST include top of the line products and at least "5" embellishments (suggestions include glitter, hat pins, buttons, flowers, paperclips, mousetraps, ribbon, staples,lace, rhinestones, charms, pearls, beads, and etc.) and of these five, three must be different. Example you can have 3 flowers, one ribbon, and a paperclip. You cannot just have 5 flowers. You must also use two different techniques on your tag (such as pop up dots, fussy cutting, chalking, sewing, inking the edges, paint splatter, etc.) NO flat tags allowed for this swap...they must all POP and be dimensional, covered with gorgeous papers and/or fabrics and be loaded down with quality embellishments!

The tags must be placed into a ziploc bag or some other type of plastic bag to be sent in to keep them safe from damage during shipment.

Tags should be mailed to me no later than Sept 15th. You must use a delivery confirmation and post that number to the group.

Now for a few rules...
Please leave a comment below to join this swap.

Weekly check-ins are required. A simple hi or jci (just checking in) is ok. Your last check in should be when you have received your package back.

Please keep in mind that we take flaking very seriously. Do not sign up for this swap if you cannot complete it. If life gets in the way, please have the courtesy to let us know.

Please package swaps in a ziplock bag to protect from the elements or accidents in shipping.

Include your name, blog, youtube, or any other pertinent info on a separate paper with EACH bag.

Please provide a return envelope OR package in a manner that your envelope can be reused. I would prefer to recycle. I will ship to the return address on the package unless otherwise noted.

Include the same amount of stamps/funds that it cost you to mail the package to me PLUS an additional 2 stamps. (forever stamps work great in the US) Please do not send the printed metered strip as they expire immediately.

Please note: your goodies will be shipped back to you by me approximately two weeks after the swap closes. This allows time for all your gorgeous creations to get to me. So since this swap closes September 15th...your goodies will be shipped back to you on approximately September 30th.

I will pm you my address.

These tags neetd to be very elaborate. They must be adorned with embellishments and be something that you would be proud to receive. Whether you use a ticket, print a poem or use vellum sayings, your tag must "say" something. It can be one word or it can be phrases, but it must tie into our theme. Suggestions include magical, mystical, dream, imagine, etc.

Your tags DO NOT have to be the same. Create 6 very unique tags, if you so desire or send in 5 of the same design tags!

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do your BEST work on these! The bar is set high, but you will be receiving fabulous works of art so don't hold back on the creativity!

Please post pictures of your completed tag or tags in your gallery and here.


ILOVEPAPILLONS (2nd set of tags)








Melissa Birlem/Melissa


: hvn101/Heather

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