Username Post: :cry: HELP Please if u can... I need something in my life to go right :cry:
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Sorry for pity party... But I need something to make me smile. I'm looking for Teeny Tiny Matchbook Pads that u can decorate.they have the little flap whe/ u tuck in the tip of the cover. #2 Ques. Where might I find a similar pad, except that it opens from side & is with a TeenyTiny Pen.Then finally, I purchased a TINY KLEENEX BOX from an artist,that u can decorate and make a Top or cover for. My, middle son died last year & my mom just died 2 mon. ago & I have been diagnosed with LYMPHADEMA in my left leg after a surgeon, during surgery COMPROMIZED my LYMPHATIC SYSTEM in my left leg.... So there's the fight ev. day to compress my leg from the toe to keep all SWELLING DOWN up for the rest of my life!!!... Then Friday, I FELL.... GET THIS ..... I FELL "UP".....YES........."UP" ... the stairs AND Then, Part of my body hit the corner going in one direction while my knee STAYED facing the other wall....BIG HUGE SNAP!!!...Now in a leg brace on the right leg and Lymphadema on the left! So, could someone help me find these Tony little things for gifts. Thx so much luv, kath

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