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We have a rental. The renter has been in it for 3 years. At first DH went in every 3 months. It's been well taken care of so we don't really go in. Rent is due on the 1st, late on the 6th. She usually pays on the 5th. We mowed and kept up the front yard for a year then she just started doing it. We also pay $200 of the water bill every other month (we're billed bimonthly). We pay homeowners insurance and the HOA dues as well. We do not use a property management company. There's really no need to if you have a tight rental contract.

I used to do maintenance for a military housing area and the people TRASHED the places they lived. Don't know if the same would happen where you are but it was horrible. I'm talking food left in the fridge spoiled when they left, dirty diapers piled up, garbsge bags sitting around. It was DISGUSTING!

How in the world did these people pass their housing inspection? That is just gross!

No clue but it was really nasty. I frequently had to go back outside for fresh air because the stench was so bad.

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