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Cool, thanks hun. I have two more that are on there way. I know for sure one is postal and will PM the other tonight to see if she is postal now as well. As soon as they all arrive, Mom and me will swap them out fast and will get them all back you ladies fast.

I am almost done with mine. I am sorry that I am behind. Between schoolwork, swaps, work and me and my son going to doctors alot lately. It has eaten up some of my spare time. I am sorry ladies. When your back has a pinched nerve for over a week and then something else is still wrong. And we don't know what it is, it has made me not able to bend over my craft table to create my cards and I have been with a heating pad on my back. But I am determined to get mine all done this weekend. I have some extra time off this weekend. I also have some great goodies for you ladies in your goodie bags. I plan to add some extra to you all for the wait as well.

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