Username Post: Hat Pin/Corsage Pin Swap ~FULL~
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If you love stick pins, this swap is for you!

You will make 5 stick pins (at least 2 or 3 inches long) and receive 5 back. To make swapping easier I will be doing groups of five.

Hat/corsage pins can be found in most craft stores or online (try Amazon for corsage pins). These pins usually have a bead or crystal on top to help get you started. Please use high-quality beads and do your best work!

Here are some examples of stick pins I have made:

Stick Pins! By Katiemylady

These will be due October 25th. Please note this is a mailing date and PLEASE get delivery confirmation so your package doesn't get lost! When you get DC, please post your number here on the thread.

Pins will be mailed back no later than October 31st. If you'd like DC, please include an extra $0.80.

POSTAGE: Include in stamps OR PayPal (no cash except for delivery confirmation money) the same amount of postage it took to mail your items plus one extra stamp. Any extra postage will be mailed back to you. My PayPal email is [email protected] Please remember to send money as a gift so I do not get charged a fee.

When packaging, please put pins a baggie with your group number AND name on it!!!!

PM me for my address when you're ready to mail!

PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM MOVING AT THE END OF THIS MONTH. WHEN YOU ARE READY TO MAIL, PLEASE CONTACT ME AND ASK ME FOR WHICH ADDRESS TO MAIL TO. DO NOT GET MY ADDRESS FROM A FELLOW SWAPPER AS I AM UNSURE OF WHEN THE MOVE WILL OFFICIALLY OCCUR. The best thing to do is to wait until I am in my new home and know that any packages mailed to my new address (which I don't know yet) will be received by me and not picked up by anyone else.

If you need to drop out, that's ok, life happens! Please just keep me informed of your participation.


Group #1:
1. katiemylady (hostess)
2. babigirl
4. tcletoaddison
5. michellem71
6. scrappinlilly

Group #2:
1. provinca
2. tcletoaddison
3. i heart scrapping
5. babigirl
6. michellem71

Group #3:
1. tcletoaddison
3. littleMRSimelda
4. maji2010
5. ohscrapit
6. crafty_lefty

Group #4:
1. scrappinlilly
2. littleMRSimelda
3. tcletoaddison
4. Diamond_Events_by_Tiffany
5. crafty_lefty
6. michellem71

Group #5:
1. tcletoaddison
2. scrappinlilly
3. babigirl
4. michellem71
5. tcletoaddison

Here's to a fun swap!

i heart scrapping

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