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  • Henri Jean Said:
I would like a something on my activity thread that you shows you a thumbnail of layouts that have love so you can can click on them from there to go directly to it, not scroll through pages looking through it.

I know you can get notifications through email but I tried that and I didn't like getting so manyu emails. Especially on my phone. I just want to be able to look at my page and see which layouts have comments so I can go directly into each one.

It shows the layouts all my friends commented on and I never even glance at that. It just isn't important what layouts my friends commented on and I never check that. I'd rather have that space filled with my layouts that have comments so I don't have to search through my gallery. It takes a long time to go all the way back.

You can already do this. When you're on the activity stream, where it shows what your friends have commented on, click on "My Stream" (at the top of the stream, next to "Friend Stream"), and in the dropdown make sure "activity for me" is selected.

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