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Melissa Birlem

Hi! Thanks for checking out my swap! This is my first attempt at hosting, so please bear with me. If you notice anything that I forgot or you think of something to add, please let me know!

I had a box of 4" white ceramic tiles layout around after a bathroom remodel, so I decided to see what I could do with them! The first thing that came to mind was to incorporate altered tiles into my new craft space. How fun would it be to have inpsirational pieces from several people scattered about? So, that's where this swap developed from!

TILES: You can use any color or style of tile you find. The only condition is that it must measure 4" x 4" square and it must be ceramic. You can easily find these tiles at most hardware stores. Home Depot sells 4" square ceramic tiles individually - $0.13 for white, $0.48 - $0.58 for colors. Of course, you might also have some laying around from a DIY project!

BASICS: We will be altering these tiles as decor pieces. That means they should be 3-dimensional. Please use good quality embellishments and give your best work. Each tile should feature at least 5 techniques / embellishments. Of course, this is just the minimum. Let your imagination run wild!

QUANTITY: This will be a matched swap. You will get back the same amount that you send in. You must send in at least one tile for each category you sign up for. You may send in more, but please limit it to three tiles for any given category.

PACKAGING: You are responsible for making sure your package arrives safely. Keep in mind that ceramic tiles can break. Please put each tile in a separate bag labeled with your name, name, and category. Use packing peanuts, paper, bubble wrap, or other packing material around the tiles and in between them. I will try to reuse the packaging you send your tile(s) in. If the packaging is thin, please include a bubble envelope. Make sure to include a return address label.

DUE DATE: In light of the beginning of the school year, I am going to keep this swap open for a while. Sign-ups will close on September 1st, 2012. All tiles must be in my hands by October 1st, 2012. I will have all tiles swapped out within a week and on their way back to you.

POSTAGE: You can either send postage with your tiles (include the amount it cost you to send it plus 3 additional stamps - any extras will be returned), or you can PayPal me the exact shipping cost at the end of the swap. PM me for the mailing address and paypal address if you don't already have them.

Altered Tile - Flight of the Butterfly By Melissa Birlem

Altered Tile - RIP By Melissa Birlem

NO FLAKERS please! I am asking everyone to check in at least once a week to let me know you're still with us. If you need to drop out, just let me know.

I will put a smiley next to your name once your package arrives.


ATC Style (show us what you've got!)
1. Melissa (hostess)
2. Bonnie (i_heart_scrapping)
3. Anna (Provinca)
4. Tocarra (crafty_lefty)
5. Sassie
6. Rhonda (YourScrapAttack)

Halloween - Creepy and Gory
1. Melissa (hostess)
2. Scrappy_Day
3. Bonnie (i_heart_scrapping)
4. Sassie
5. Michelle (Molson)

Halloween - Fun and Cute
1. Melissa (hostess)
2. Michelle (Molson)
3. Anna (Provinca)
4. Tocarra(crafty_lefty)

Autumn / Fall
1. Melissa (hostess)
2. Ms. Pebbles
3. Scrappy_Day
4. Anna (Provinca)

1. Melissa (hostess)
2. Ms. Pebbles
3. Scrappy_Day
4. Bonnie (i_heart_scrapping)
5. Sassie
6. Michelle (Molson)
7. Anna (Provinca)
8. Toccara (crafty_lefty)
9. Rhonda (YourScrapAttack)

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