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  • pugs223 Said:
And not just one but TWO errors.

This would have been my reply: "I will not be registering any child at a school where its staff does not know Grammar 101: when to use they're/there/their and than/then."

I do want to respond and point out the errors, but I'm not able to compose anything so far that isn't too snarky or uppity.

My first drafts:

"Are you kidding me?! Seriously? Did a 4th grade student volunteer write this?"

"I didn't think anything could be worse THAN my daughter's summer homework, THEN I saw this email."

"I assume the computers, there at the school, have spell check, so the staff can check their messages."


I am sure most people (school district included) would say there are more important school issues to worry about than the spelling and grammar of the staff.

Pointing it out would undoubtedly make me look like some OCD word nerd grammar nazi.

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