Username Post: What kind of cleaner to use on stamps?
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I got my new stamps yesterday, now just playing around with them. I am enjoying them so far. My question what good product out there to keep them clean? I watched some videos online about different cleaners. I would like to know if any are in the stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels? Or do you have to buy them online? I am using a damp wash cloth to clean the ink off and then with a dry paper towel.

My clear stamps pretty much are clean when I lift them from the paper. But do clean them off. But when I use my cling rubber a different story. There still some of the ink still on it. After I clean them off. I know that rubber stamps will still have ink on them. But would like them to stay clean like they were before they were uses. If you guys know where I can pick up some stamp cleaners at my local store please let me know. How much the price for the cleaners?


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