Username Post: What kind of cleaner to use on stamps?
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Yeah I think my parents wants me and my brother to stay with them, lol... I know my brother probably will but I want to move out. But can't afford it since I don't have a job at the moment. Trying to find one but it hard. Since, I'll be 30 soon and my brother going to be 27 next year. I think it about time to think of moving on out.

I am thinking of buying the cameo on amazon it 268.08 and it comes with 2 matts for paper and a extra blads with something called a "pick up pen" all for free saver shipping. That why I love amazon any product you buy for over 25.00. The shipping is free. It beats silhouettes website price of 299.00! It would cost me maybe more if I wanted a extra blade or matt. I saw the cameo on amazon it comes with a bundle of 2 matts with a extra blades and some other stuff. For only 268.08 and they have it in stock. What you guys think should I buy it on Or waiting and look still? Just want to make sure I get a good machine that all.

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