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September 2012 is our first ever monthly challenge make-up month! Some months you just get busy, don’t have time, or don’t want to do a monthly challenge, but then wish you had completed that challenge. Well, this September is your chance to complete those monthly challenges you skipped or didn’t get to with make-up month. You can choose from any 1 (ONE) of the 10 monthly challenges listed below:

August 2011 Monthly Challenge: Make A Video Tutorial

MAX POINTS: 1050 pts

September 2011 Monthly Challenge: Inspirational Challenges from Elizabeth Kartchner’s “52 More Scrapbooking Challenges”

MAX POINTS: 1700 pts

October 2011 Monthly Challenge: Mini-Album on a Random Topic

MAX POINTS: 1550 pts

November 2011 Monthly Challenge: A Review of 2011

MAX POINTS: 3800 pts

January 2012 Monthly Challenge: One Little Word (OLW) Challenge

MAX POINTS: 1150 pts

March 2012 Monthly Challenge: Scrap By Color Tool Challenge

MAX POINTS: 1200 pts

May 2012 Monthly Challenge: SCRAPLESS IN NEW ORLEANS: SURVIVAL MODE 2012

MAX POINTS: 1200 pts

June 2012 Monthly Challenge: Efferdares Based Challenges

MAX POINTS: [b900 pts

July 2012 Monthly Challenge: Scrapper’s Block Challenge

MAX POINTS: 700 pts

August 2012 Monthly Challenge: Junk Journal Challenge

MAX POINTS: 2000 pts

You can take monthly challenge points for only one month’s challenge, but you are welcome to be inspired by the other challenges and complete them!

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