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My husband retired 3 years ago, (at age 55) after working a hard labor job for 37 years. We have been doing a lot of remodeling on our house, and just trying to enjoy retirement. Since retiring, he has been exercising & walking 4-5 miles a day to keep himself strong & healthy.

Then all of a sudden,(2 weeks ago) he woke up one morning and couldn't walk (weakness left side of arm & leg and excruciating pain in neck). We thought he might have had a stroke, but after spending a week in the hospital, we found out that he didn't have a stroke, but something worse.

Doctors found a golfball size tumor on his kidney, enlarged lymphnode next to it, cancer lesions throughout his spine from top to bottom, and a cancerous tumor on his colon that has almost squeezed his intestine shut. They are calling it stage 4 cancer.

All were biopsied, and we go to Dr. on Friday to find out whether all the cancer is related or different kinds, and what type of surgeries & treatments he will need.

We are strong Christians and are praying to God for a miracle. We are also praying for strength to endure whatever the future holds for us.

I would appreciate any & all prayers from my friends here at

Thanks~~~Sherry (My husband's name is Bruce)

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