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    In response to Henri Jean

I go on 2 or 3 weekend crops a year. I certainly don't take my whole room with me, but I do overpack ... I've decided that's part of the fun

I do best when I spend the weekend scrapping a particular event (my son's Bar Mitzvah, a vacation) because then I can bring only what I need for those pics (i.e. no need to bring winter papers if I'm scrapping a summer vacation)

I love punches, so I bring a ton of those, and then the embellishments I think I will need for the pics I've brought. I do believe it is essential to at least go through your photo first and decide WHAT you are going to scrap ... otherwise, you can spend the whole weekend just going through your pictures.

Though I greatly admire how prepared Henri is for these weekends, it isn't the way I scrap, and I'm ok bringing too much stuff ...

(by the way, no matter how much I bring, there are always a number of people who bring much, much more than I do)

one more thing ... bring more photos than you think you will get through ... the last thing you want is to run out of pictures to scrap

have fun

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