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A quick look at what I have in my gallery and I'm guessing at least a third of them don't have photos. Some have clipart that I've printed and cut, but many are maps and journaling. I do my books to tell a story and a picture may be worth a thousand words, but it doesn't always describe all the background info :>)

I want people to look at my books and know what I would tell them is happening, even if I'm not standing there to tell that means lots of journaling.

Some people let the pictures do the talking...just depends on your style. I think probably because I'm older, I'm realizing more and more that eventually I won't be here to tell people what's happening in the pictures. I look at old, old family photos and have questions, but there is no one left to ask. I'm trying to fill-in the blanks, viewing my books the way people will see them fifty years from now.

I also like to add brochures, tickets, etc. from events. For one thing, I don't have to figure out where I'm going to keep them...I just keep them in my scrapbook so one housecleaning chore is done lol

They're your pages. Do them however you want to, but maybe once in a while try a different technique just to see how it works for you. Some things you'll like and other

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