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Hello Paper Sisters and welcome to another exciting swap!!!

There will be alot of new faces this time around as we have had some friends that had to leave the group (we hope that at some point they are able to return and will miss them!!) but we are excited about all our new members and look forward to swapping lots of FABULOUS projects!!!!

If you are a new member take a minute to introdue yourself!!!

The project this time around will be LOTW (Letter of the Word)

Paper Sister Circle Members:
= participating in the this swap
= I have recieved your letters!!!
Pam in TX

FINALLY here are the details!!! Thanks for being so patient!!

We will be doing a FALL/HALLOWEEN themed LOTW swap!!For those who are new to the LOTW swaps each member will create a different letter of a FALL/HALLOWEEN themed word of their choice. You choose one letter in the word and make the # of letters that make up that word. FOR EXAMPLE: if the word is WICKED, and you chose the letter "K"- you would make 6 "Ks" total. I will swap all the letters out when I receive them and you will get back a completed word!!!

Color schemes are listed next to each word description so that will all coordinate when the word is put together.

Sign ups start NOW!!!! And will continue until all the letters are taken.

All letters are DUE TO Cassondra71 OCTOBER 13th and will be mailed back to you on October 20th. So hopefully they will get back to you before Halloween. PLEASE do not sign up for letters if you are not sure you can meet the deadline. I know life gets busy sometimes and this is a very laid back group but I would rather see spots be filled later in the swap than have someone take on to much right out of the gate and regret having done so or not be able to meet the deadline. If you find that as the swap progresses for what ever reason you aren’t going to be able to make the deadline please let us know ASAP so we can try to fill in that letter.

You MUST have FUN!!!!
And make the correct number of letters for your group. Example: WICKED – you chose the letter “K” – you must make 6 of the letter “K”. Letters should follow the color scheme and be embellished to fit the theme of the word.

Each letter submitted should be between 1.5” and 2.5” from top to bottom and not to exceed more than 2.5” inches from side to side. Letters can be created as a stand alone letter or placed onto a creative shape or design that follows the theme and colors for the word. Example: “K” in wicked could stand alone and have a witches hat or something eaqually as WICKED somewhere on it!!! Or…..the witches hat could be the base for the letter “K”.

The first letter of each word should be capitalized all other letters are up to you!!! If you are going to have a stand alone letter, please remember to make it within the size specifications and matte the letter. Everything else is up to you!!! You are a part of this group because you do FABULOUS work and we have every confidence that your letters will be AWESOME!!!

Keep in mind that every letter doesn’t have to be “the star of the show” but the first letter of every word should be!!! If you have the “K” in WICKED it should be great!!! If you have the “W” it should be CAPITALIZED & AWESOME!!!! Now no one will want the first letter of ANY word LOL!!!! Didn’t mean to make anyone sweaty just sayin’ the first letter should really make a statement that the rest of the letters can follow!!!

LOTW’s are so much fun!! And can be used in so many ways if you’ve never done them take some time and do a search in the main Gallery for LOTW. There are also some examples on page 4 on this thread. I’m sure you will find some inspiration!! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and ABOVE ALL……have fun getting to know one another and creating your letters!!!

Halloween ***FULL*** (9 letters) color scheme of Orange, black & yellow with green accents:
H - Debby_westbrook
a – MelissaW
l – Pam in Tx
l – Sasload4
o – Marcilb
w – Marcilb
e – tcletoaddison
e – Silver26AK
n – Scrappinlilly

Candy ***FULL***(5 letters) Red, orange, black & yellow
C – Pam in Tx
a – Marcilb
n – Debby_westbrook
d – Charcats7
y – Cassondra71

Spooky ***FULL***(6 letters) Black, white, yellow and blue
S – Marcilb
p – tcletoaddison
o – Debby_westbrook
o – Scrappinlilly
k – Charcats7
y – Cassondra71

Monster ***FULL*** (6 letters) Green, black, yellow and purple
M – Cassondra71
o – Pam in Tx
n – Scrappinlilly
s – Marcilb
t – Debby_westbrook
e – Sasload4
r – Charcats7

Wicked ***FULL***(6 letters) Black, white, blue & purple
W – Silver26AK
i – Marcilb
c – tcletaddison
k – Debby_westbrook
e – MelissaW
d - Cassondra71

Fall ***FULL***(4 Letters) Brown, yellow, orange
F – Pam in Tx
a – Charcats7
l – Scrappinlilly
l – Debby_westbrook

BOO ***FULL*** (3 Letters) Black & white with yellow accents
B – Debby_westbrook
o – MelissaW
o – tcletoaddison

BOO ***FULL***(3 Letters) Black & white with orange accents
B – Pam in Tx
o – Silver26AK
o – Cassondra71

Witch ***FULL*** (5 Letters) Black, orange, green & yellow
W - tcletoaddison
i - Silver26AK
t - Scrappinlilly
c - Debby_westbrook
h - Ms_Pebbles

Ghost***FULL*** (5 Letters) White, black, and yellow
G - Sasload4
h - Debby_westbrook
o - Ms_Pebbles
s - Silver26AK
t - Marcilb

Howl ***FULL*** (4 Letters) Purple, green & red
H - Ms_Pebbles
o - Tinadn
w - Sasload4
l - Charcats7

Blustery (8 Letters)Gold, red & purple
B - Pam in Tx
l - Pam in Tx
u - Charcats7
s - Charcats7
t -
e -
r -Debby_westrook
y - Debby_westbrook

Goblin (6 Letters) Black, purple, white & yellow
G - Debby_westbrook
o -Sasload4
b - Ms_Pebbles
l - tcletaddison
i - Marcilb
n - Debby_westbrook

Autumn ***FULL*** (6 Letters) Color examples are posted on page #7
A - Sasload4
u - Charcats7
t - Cassondra71
u - Debby_westbrook
m - Pam in Tx
n - Marcilb

Treats ***FULL***(6 Letters) Anything Goes Colors
T - Marcilb
r - Cassondra71
e - Silver26AK
a - Marcilb
t - Debby_westbrook
s - Debby_westbrook

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