Username Post: Delete/completed 2012 Birthday Card Swap
Sassy Suzi
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Sassy Suzi

    In response to sunnyrc2001

I am glad you love the cards I sent out for August and September.

Toni I found the stamp at Achiever's at Mall of GA in January. I didnt get around to calling you while at the beach. It rained so much that we ventured out to other towns and when the sun did come out I ran to the beach to get what little there was. Next time it will be in May. I'll let you know.

So does everyone have a card from me yet that should have one?

I have been getting cards and I am going to save them until my birthday on the 29th to sit down and enjoy each one.

Shana - as you seen on the other thread I will be gone for a couple weeks, but will be back right before the end of the month.

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