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Hi! This is my first post on this forum so really don't know where to start. However, I have a question to ask you concerning preserving items like tickets, newspaper clippings, etc. Is there any way to preserve these so that they don't fade or yellow over the years? Perhaps a product?

I don't have advice, but wanted to say hi I've got 6 kids (2 because they married my kids) and 5 grandkids, so lots of scrapping to do.

I can't give advice on keeping memorabilia because I'm one of those who doesn't do anything with it, except for copying the computer receipts that Henri talked about. Those go blank within a day or two if conditions are right. I have photos that are over 100 years old, a newspaper from the day I was born in 1947, plus other newsprint articles, letters & postcards from the early 1900s and other similar things that have had no care, but are in perfect condition. For me, I'm just going to scrap them as they are, but I wouldn't want to advise anyone else to do it just because I do~Judy

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