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Hi and welcome!

Do you have an album that they will fit? I would start there first, and make sure that you can use them.

I got some packs of 6x6 page protectors really cheap in a sale once, and it wasn't until I got them home that I realised that the holes were punched a specific distance apart and fitted none of my albums. I didn't have a Cropodile then, to punch my own holes or covers.

They were so cheap that I ended up using them to hold my tiny scraps in my scrap accordion, and that works perfectly.

But back to your album, could the photos be too big for your page? You need a little negative space around them, otherwise your LO will look cluttered. A 6x4 photo on a 7x7 page doesn't leave much room for journalling and embellishments. Maybe going minimalist is the answer?

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