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At some point you're going to need a replacement mat and blade. On Amazon those two things cost $27, so you're ahead with the $269 bundle just with those two items. You will use (need, in my opinion) a pick-up tool, which would cost another $7, but is included in the bundle. Once you get playing with the cameo, you'll probably want to progress to the pens...another $10, so for the extra $20 bundle price, you're getting $44 worth of extras and all things you'll eventually NEED or wish you had.

I pretty well messed up my first mat just by learning where to place things. If the blade can cut through shrinky dink, it can cut through its own mat I still use it, but it will need to be replaced soon. I know people use cricut mats, but I've heard some say they don't work as well for the print & cut feature and that's a feature I like using. You can find ways on youtube to clean/resurface mats which extends their lifespan (unless they're cut to shreds )

I use my Cricut hook and haven't used the tool that comes with the bundle, but I'm assuming it would work to help get the cut-out items off the mat.

I like to keep a spare blade handy so if something happens to the one I'm using in the middle of a project it's easy to switch it out.

My cameo came with a bad blade. You'll know because everything tears no matter what the setting. Silhouette sent me a new one very quickly. Plus, they've been working to update the blade to get past some of the issues they've had with it. By now, they may all work great. I got my Cameo for Christmas, so they've had lots of time to re-engineer it.

Amazon says it normally ships within 1-3 weeks, but when it says that, it's often sooner. They just want people to be prepared to wait if needed. Amazon is tricky...I've had some things that never did show up, but usually they come pretty fast even with regular, free (if available) shipping. ~Judy

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