Username Post: Help! Does this product even exist?
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I have made a scrapbook that has cardstock for the pages and no page protectors because I am scrapbooking not only papers but also cards that I want to open and read the back of. I cannot put the cardstock right in the binding, even with page extenders, because the pages don't fold all the way down, and if they did, it would tear the perforation. What I would like is (this is hard to explain, so bear with me) something that has plastic with holes like page protectors do but is just a little extra that I can peel apart and it has adhesive in between so that it will stick to both sides of the card stock and hold it in there but won't cover it. Then the pages will turn easily but the cards won't be covered. Does such a thing exist? I have searched everything I possibly could online but nothing even close came up. Please help!

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