Username Post: Silhouette Cameo?
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Yeah thinking of getting the one that is 249.00 if I want I can buy an extra blade and matte next month on amazon. I download the software from the silhouette website last night. Been playing around with it. It seem almost like photoshop in way. I know I'll enjoy it once I get it.
I just have decide either the 249.00 one without the extra blade or matte. Or, the 269.00 one with the extra blade and matte with the pens. But with me wanting to save money I think the 249.00 one will be good one to buy.
How long of the "life" does the matte last? I looked on some people video about how to put on the matte how to take off when done cutting and could see like cut lines on the matte. When they remove the paper after cutting.


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