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Glad you did it Justie! Remember I bough mine in July from Oh my Craft? Well and to make the long story short, September came and I didn't receive my Cameo. They blame it on Silhouette for the delay. I decided to call Silhouette directly and found out OMC wasn't paying on time and that's the reason they are lying to the customers about the delays and shipping issues.In the meantime, they are taking the money from the customers right away.

They don't answer the phones and communication if any is through emails whenever they feel like answering. When I email back OMC, the customer service manager Heather got an attitude and wrote back telling me that I was lying and canceled my order just like that. When I threatened to call my attorney, BBB and FTC she refunded my money right away. Now, and as a single mom I can't afford to buy the Cameo at regular price since OMC let me use a coupon and no machine for me since I sold my Cricut. You can understand how frustrated and aggravating this is. After savings for so long and waiting all these months to get nothing back in return. I reported them to BBB and also open a claim at FTC for false advertising.

So listen to me fellow scrappers, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT under any circunstances or how good the coupon/discount is at Oh My Crafts, DO NOT BUY from them if you ever want to get the item that you pay for. They may be good for small things but a big ticket item like the Cameo, they are a completely RIPOFF. They have 12 complaints at the BBC in the last three years and when you google their name, everyone is complaining. So save yourself and your money from these people.

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