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Hello, I am attempting to start a blog but I have a it ok for it to have a mix of scrapbooking/personal stuff? I am attempting to eat healthier and want to track that but also trying to express my artsy side and I feel if I have a place to post it would help. What do you guys think?

Mine is a mix of my scrapbooking and my personal everyday struggles w/ life. I figure if people read my blog, they will take away from it what they want. They may identitfy just w/ the crafty posts or w/ just the life struggle posts... Heck they may even identify w/ both! So I write and share what I feel like sharing. If people don't like it , they don't have to read it. Either way, it works for me, espcially right now... I find it theraputic to post the thoughts inside my head, no matter how scary! LOL!

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