Username Post: Anybody working on anything this weekend & week?
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She never answered all her emails but it didn't matter. She told us to use the MLS listing that came in our email because it was the most current. I told her 12 times that the house one never came just condos. Then finally she fixed it like 3 weeks ago.
I sent her 14 homes & when we went to see them, she only had 6. She emailed me asking when I was available to see them so that is how we set that up. She keeps saying we need to go daily but I can't get her to go often let alone daily. She never set up the others.
I sent her more 6 days ago (Thurs) She emailed me Fri morn asking when I am available. I answered one hour later anytime. I never heard back from her email so I sent one saying I am still waiting 5 days later. She emailed back that she doesn't have internet at home. If we want to see homes, we have to call her on her cell with the MLS numbers.
I said it did not matter if she had internet at home. She kept defending herself & blaming us still saying we need to go daily. I sent her a bunch of emails saying that if she wasn't going to answer her emails, do not use it. Do not send out any. She never told us we had to call her cell. I told her it did not matter if she had internent at home. I also said you said we need t o look fast cause they go. When we look tomorrow, it will have been a week that I emailed the houses to her. I said I thought we would go early in the week. They will be gone by the time we see them. She never said sorry for the mix up or sorry you are upset. She just kept defending & saying we should have called her phone. You were the one who emailed me on fri. IF you are not going to answer, don not use email. Every listing & page of the website has her pic & a sign saying email me to see this. It is hard to go daily if I can't get you to go daily . I told her very nicely saying with respect in al l my emails.

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