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Oh boy this reminds me of my lss. I very rarely was able to go there cause it was like 45 min away but the main reason was cause they very rarely got anything new.

She had a page for fb and said she got some newstuff so I asked if she had gotten any mist and cub scout paper. And I got that whoever she gets her mist that they were out and the cub scout paper was hard to find.

So then when I contacted the manufacturers they both said that wasn't true.

The from her I get the "we have to be realistic speech" since I already knew she was lying and she just didn't want to get that stuff.

So I suggested that she could maybe take that tons of clearance stuff and maybe make several ebay lots to clear some room and have more money. And I said I guess i'd just try ebay for the stuff I couldn't get at her store.

Then I got the "it's people like you who put us out of business" speech. I was like Wait 1 minute! Everytime i've been there I could not find a single thing I went in there looking for but I always bought something even If I didn't want too!

First time i've ever been banned from anything but I got banned from her fb page and then I got a message from someone saying she'd keep me posted about a new store opening soon. Apparently some of the employees got so tired of dealing with her angry customers that they quit and openeed their own store.

Later that old lss had their first annual yard sale the following year they had their second and went out of business shortly after.

When the new store opened and they realized who I was they gave me a gift and at the first crop people felt bad for what that lady had done to me. Every time I tried that old lss I was treated like I had no idea what I was doing and half the time they had never even heard of the product I was asking about. But yet I still bought something from her. Most of the stuff in that store was probably at least 8 years old.

She even sent somebody on here after me as well.

just remembered a little more.

I think she just bought the stuff she liked and it was a big store. she still had stuff from companies like all my memories and daisy d's that have been out of business for years. Clearance prices were like just a maybe a a buck cheaper. And when she was going out of business she finally decided to put out new stuff that she'd been hoarding. Like it was before christmas time and she'd been saving valentine paper to put out at valentine day. She'd been saving it for almost a year.

And when she went out of business it wasn't till the last day I think that things finally only went down to 50% of. I really think she just wanted to hoard it all and take it home.

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