Username Post: Thinking about trading my Pazzles Inspiration for a Silhouette Cameo
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I guess I stand corrected as I remember purchasing my Pazzles Inspiration when their was a relationship with both Pazzles and Provo Craft. I even purchased items directly from Pazzles. Cricut cartridges and such. When Pazzles were out of their own brand mat they sold me a Cricut mat and Cricut blades and told me that they were interchangeable as I would not use another brands mats or blades if I was not told that by a Pazzles member.
Anyway thanks for the you can call us up with any questions and we will gladly answer them for you however what you failed to say is you will gladly answer any questions up to a certain time allowance per month if you purchase technical support package (not sure what they are actually called)some sort of a membership per month that allows you technical support.
Me personally I do love the tech support that Provo Craft is willing to give you FREE and they will help you problem solve whatever the issue is. That being said I have to say no matter what the machine will do it the customer support and the manual or tutorials are not the most informative I prefer to have less freedom on using true type fonts and I will go right to a Cricut just because of the ease of the machine and their software.
Now you mention SCAL and MTC that maybe another story as I have heard many speak of how easy their software is.

Thanks for that bit of advise I may research those software product rather than using the WinPC that is on the Pazzles Inspiration.

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